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Understanding the Costs of an NDIS Plan Manager

If you've been considering NDIS plan management and wondering about the associated costs, here's the good news: there's NO cost for participants who opt for their NDIS plan to be 'plan managed'.

In fact, the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) allocates additional funding to the "Improved Life Choices" category within your NDIS plan to cover the expenses of engaging a plan manager. So, not only is there no financial burden on you, but having a plan manager won't affect your existing plan funding. Want to have plan management added to your plan, check out our blog “Adding Plan Management to Your NDIS Plan: What You Need to Know”

So, how is a plan manager compensated?

When you first engage a plan manager, they receive a one-time set-up fee, which is added on top of your initial plan funding. Additionally, they are paid a monthly fee (also added to your plan funding) to oversee the financial aspects of your NDIS plan.

But how much does a plan manager get paid?

For participants in metropolitan areas, a set-up fee of $232.00 is standard, followed by a monthly fee of $104.00, covering the cost of assisting and supporting participants with their NDIS plan while managing the financial administration. For participants in more remote areas, a slightly higher rate may apply.

Importantly, none of these fees are borne by the participant, and they do not affect the funding within a participant's NDIS plan.

If you have any questions about plan management or would like to learn more about the services Simplified Plan Management offers, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can send an email to or get in touch with our friendly team at 0491 090 747 or even send us a SMS – we're always here to assist you in any way we can.

Still uncertain if plan management is right for you? Be sure to visit our blog, "NDIS Plan Management Explained: What a Plan Manager Does and How They Can Help You?" for more information.

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