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What Is NDIS Worker Screening Check?

Updated: Jun 13

The NDIS Worker Screening Check assesses whether a person working, or seeking to work, with people with disabilities poses a risk to them. It determines whether a person is cleared or excluded from certain roles involving people with disabilities. This check is conducted by the Worker Screening Unit in the applicant's state or territory, which also makes the final decision.

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Registered NDIS providers must ensure that workers in specific roles, known as risk-assessed roles, have this clearance. All states and territories have implemented the NDIS Worker Screening Check. Workers delivering NDIS supports and services may need this clearance.

Who Needs an NDIS Check?

All individuals starting work for registered NDIS provider in risk-assessed roles need an NDIS Clearance before they can begin work. This includes:

  • Volunteer workers

  • Workers engaged through third parties such as labor-hire agencies

  • Sole traders who are both the provider and the worker

What is a Risk-Assessed Role?

A risk-assessed role includes:

  • Key personnel roles, such as a CEO or a Board Member, as defined in the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013

  • Roles involving the direct delivery of specified supports or services to people with disabilities

  • Roles likely to require more than incidental contact with people with disabilities, such as physical contact, building rapport, or engaging with multiple individuals as part of specialist disability support or services


Workers for self-managed participants or unregistered providers are not required to obtain an NDIS worker screening clearance. However, self-managed participants and unregistered providers can request that workers demonstrate they have the clearance or an acceptable check. Secondary school students on formal work experience with a registered NDIS provider do not need the clearance if they are directly supervised by a worker with an NDIS clearance or an acceptable check.

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How to Apply for an NDIS Worker Screening Check

Workers can apply for the NDIS Screening Check through their state or territory agency's Worker Screening Unit. The application process involves:

  • Paying a fee set by the state or territory

  • Proving identity, with requirements varying by location

  • Nominating the NDIS provider or self-managed participant who will verify the engagement

The application will not proceed until verification is completed. Registered NDIS providers must ensure that workers in risk-assessed roles have the NDIS Worker Screening Check or an acceptable check under transitional and special arrangements.

For more information, visit the NDIS Worker Screening Check websites for each state and territory:

Starting Work Before Clearance

Depending on state or territory laws, a worker may begin in a risk-assessed role after submitting an application but before receiving clearance. In such cases, registered NDIS providers must supervise the worker appropriately and maintain a risk management plan. Some states and territories may not allow workers to start without a clearance.

For more information, visit the NDIS Worker Screening Check websites for each state and territory:

NDIS Worker Screening Check list

Application Fees and Required Documents

Application fees vary by state. Check your state's NDIS Worker Screening Check website for details. Typical required documents include:

  • An Australian passport, birth certificate, foreign passport linked to a valid visa, valid ImmiCard, or citizenship certificate

  • Medicare card or Australian driver’s license

  • A third form of ID different from the first two

  • Change of name document or marriage certificate if names do not match

Other Worker Obligations

For more information, visit the NDIS Commission's website on worker obligations: NDIS Commission Worker Obligations.

State and Territory Contacts

For more information, visit the NDIS Worker Screening Check websites for each state and territory:

To contact the NDIS Worker Screening Helpdesk


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